The epic struggle between the holy sword Soul Calibur and its cursed counterpart, Soul Edge, comes full circle as the next chapter in the battle begins. Part of BradyGames’ Signature Series, this indispensible guide prepares you for deadly combat against formidable combatants from all over the world–and from a galaxy far, far away…, Exhaustive Character Content: Comprehensive profiles and combat analysis for all 34 fighters–26 standard and 5 bonus characters, plus Darth Vader, Yoda, and The Apprentice! Complete Movelists: We provide all the moves for every character, and we show you the deadliest ways to use them! Expert Fighting Tactics: Fully exploit Soul Crushes, Critical Finishes, and our devastating combos–gain the advantage at any range and in any situation! Paperback: 239 pages, Publisher: BRADY GAMES. Pap/Com Lt edition (July 22, 2008), Language: English

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